Eva Dry E500 Review (2020 Dehumidifier)

Most people know what a good dehumidifier is but what a lot of people don’t realize is that not all dehumidifiers are large and cover an entire room. Sometimes people need small dehumidifiers for bathrooms, closets, storage containers, and even bathrooms and that’s where the Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier can come in handy.

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How They Operate

Instead of a pump and fan that remove the moisture and dump it into a water bin, the E500 uses silica gel that adsorbs the moisture in the air and continues to work until it reaches full capacity. When it reaches full capacity, the unit shuts off and allows you to plug it into a wall outlet where the desiccant gel recharges itself and allows you to plug the unit back in and do the same thing again. The unit is made for small areas and removes moisture slowly — usually up to eight ounces in a period of four to eight weeks.

If you think that this adsorption rate isn’t effective, think again. The Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is perfect for small spaces and does a great job of removing moisture from the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to have an area that is much drier, safer, and, of course, healthier. The unit is good for up to 500 cubic feet, which is roughly equivalent to about 60 square feet, making it perfect for many areas in your home.

Smaller Areas Also Need to Be Dry

There are a lot of smaller areas that need to be extra dry and the Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier can accommodate even unusual spaces such as vehicles, boats, closets, utility rooms, and any other area that is under 100 square feet in size. The desiccant gel is very efficient and does a great job of removing moisture and airborne particulates such as pollen, bacteria, and much more.

Because of its many benefits, the Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is great for both homes and businesses because it will even keep storage areas with important papers in them as dry as possible so that those documents aren’t ruined. You can even use them in kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, and bathroom cabinets as well as many other areas. In fact, any time that you have a small area with high humidity levels, this dehumidifier is the perfect product to purchase.

The Many Benefits of the Eva Dry E500 Dehumidifier

The Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is also convenient for areas where access to electricity might be compromised because it only requires electricity when it needs to be recharged, not when it’s being used. This is a very inexpensive but powerful dehumidifier that you can even use for safes that are protecting valuable documents or expensive jewelry. In fact, when you think about it, there are dozens of uses for a dehumidifier of this size and type because excess moisture can be found anywhere and become a nuisance very quickly.

If you research and find a comprehensive Eva Dry E500 review, you can also view a photograph of the unit, which will show you that in addition to it being a great little dehumidifier, it is also a subtle but attractive unit that will match anyone’s décor. To make things even better, the company that makes the E500 dehumidifier has recently redesigned it, making it even more attractive than it was in the beginning. In fact, it is an adorable addition to any area that you put it in!

A Very Practical Design

The Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is designed perfectly from its miniature size to its high-quality silica gel components. Even though it is cheap, you can still count on having it around for roughly 10 years. There is never anything to refill or replace and it is a very neat and clean unit as well. The E500 is also eco-friendly and very quiet so it will never distract you while you’re trying to do other things.

At less than two pounds, the Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is both lightweight and compact, making it super easy to move from one room to the next. This means that you can use it for numerous areas and it is especially useful for people who live on the beach or in other subtropical areas. The gel beads change color when it’s time to recharge the unit so you won’t have to wonder when you need to plug it in and get it recharged.

A Reliable Unit That You Can Count on

Despite being so small, the Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is a very reliable unit that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years without any maintenance on your part. It is sturdy and well built; you won’t have to treat it gently just to keep it working properly. Because it doesn’t require batteries or electricity to operate, you can even use it in your car or truck, making it a very useful household item indeed.

Another benefit of this dehumidifier is that you can actually hang it up somewhere if you like, which means that you don’t need a countertop or cabinet to use it properly. Just hang it up or set it down and forget about it because the E500 dehumidifier does all of the hard work for you and allows you to concentrate on other things for a while.


If you thought that important documents, jewelry, or even antique guns and watches cannot be kept from very humid conditions, think again. Humidity can ruin anything but a good mini-dehumidifier will take care of the problem immediately so that you don’t have to worry about these items getting ruined because of the high humidity. The E500 dehumidifier is small and compact and it works wonders for numerous items. Best of all, it works quickly to produce great results, enabling those items to last a whole lot longer.

The Eva Dry E500 dehumidifier is a purchase that you won’t regret, not only because of its cheap price but also because of its efficiency and reliability. It makes the area safer, drier, and more comfortable and it can be a true miracle worker in the end.