AeroState provides verifiable air quality forecasts around the globe.

Our coarse resolution model (100 km2 per pixel) covers the entire globe.

Currently we supply high-resolution (1 km2 per pixel) forecasts in several cities around the world. You can find global and the local model results here.


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Air Quality forecast at your location


    • We provide rigorous accuracy assessment of our forecasts 24/7
    • Our prediction results are compared with independent observations acquired from local data sources
    • The shade around the plot on the left indicates the level of 95% confidence.
      In other words, the true value of the pollutant concentration lies within the shaded area in 95% of cases.
    • We include the confidence level as a part of our API response

    Real Estate

    Real estate. Use our data to help people choose the house with the best air quality.


    A simple way to visualize the API results is to create a map-based browser for air quality in the major cities. Explore air quality forecast for several cities around the US. Our browser also helps you to look at the sample API response for the chosen point.


    A small video overview of our air quality browser capabilities.

    Green routes

    Outdoor activity. Our real-time air-quality nowcast can help you to decide the route for a bike trip.

    Special projects

    Make our high accuracy data available to your community. Check out the real time data provided by AeroState and OpenAQ collaboration.


    Schedule a healthy workout with AeroState data. Find a better place for jogging or choose the best time to challenge your usual route. Let the workout bring you as much health as it can.


    • We combine complex physics and chemistry models, ground observations, satellite imagery and machine learning to produce the best air quality maps and forecasts
    • Our models calculate wind patterns around continents and within city streets
    • We use modern machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to further advance and refine model forecasts
    • The flowchart on the right outlines the workflow of our system

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